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Every day patients come to your office reporting rashes, GI symptoms, joint pain, myalgia and other more serious symptoms associated with adverse effects of medications. Adverse drug events are the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the U.S.; healthcare professionals report over one million adverse drug events annually. However, the FDA indicates that is only the tip of the iceberg — over 90% of events go unreported.

Adverse drug event reporting is one of the most important ways that the clinical experience of practicing healthcare professionals can positively impact the safe and effective use of drugs — both older medications and those new to market.

Your experience matters. Even if the symptoms are known potential side effects of a medication, every report matters, including yours. If you suspect an adverse drug event... report it.

For Reporting by U.S. Healthcare Professionals Only

RxEvent has been established for initial use by U.S. Healthcare professionals only for reporting adverse events on U.S.-distributed drugs. If you are a healthcare professional outside the U.S. or need to report an adverse event pertaining to an International patient, or if you are a patient or caregiver, please go to the FDA MedWatch site.


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Your report will be safely and securely transmitted to the designated pharmaceutical manufacturer's safety assessment department or to the FDA, as appropriate. To download the shortcut for Windows 7, Click here; for Windows XP Click here.

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"RxEvent saves time and is a simple tool to use."

"In the past, reporting was complicated and, because of that, physicians did not report as much."

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"PDR and its employees should be appreciated for bringing RxEvent to market."
"One of the greatest simplest pharmacological advancements I have known."
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